An interview with local musician, Johnny Mick

Johnny Mick, bassist of The High Five

I sat down with Johnny Mick (given name: John Coyle), a veteran member of the South Jersey and Philly punk scene, to talk about his take on local music and his experiences as a musician in South Jersey.   At the age of 22, Johnny has spent the better part of the last ten years playing in various punk bands, most recently the pop punk band Suit Up, who played at the North Star Bar a few weeks ago.  Johnny talks about his newest musical endeavor, The High Five, an indie influenced rock and roll band, who are currently finishing up recording on their debut album.  The album is slated for a December release, and The High Five will start playing shows shortly thereafter.  Johnny also speaks about his experiences playing in the area with a former punk band, The Quaran Teens, and his excitement about the blossoming music scene in Philadelphia.

You can listen to the interview here:


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