Thrice rock the Electric Factory, with a little help from O’Brother and friends.

On October 13, I had the privilege of seeing Thrice live for the 8th time.  The lineup featured Moving Mountains, O’Brother–whom I’ve written about before–and La Dispute opening.  All four bands put on incredible shows, but O’Brother and Thrice stood out in my opinion.  Not only did I get to attend the mind-blowing show, but I also was lucky enough to get to see Thrice soundcheck before the concert and meet the members of the band, courtesy of Invisible Children, a charity that I’ll discuss in greater detail in my next post.

The following pictures were mostly taken from the balcony at the Electric Factory where the concert was held.

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After the show, Dustin Kensrue, vocalist and guitarist for Thrice, played an acoustic set outside the Electric Factory to raise money for Invisible Children. Here’s a video from that performance of Dustin playing “Disarmed,” a new song from Thrice’s latest record, Major/Minor. Video taken by Matt Hovern.


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