Jeff Mangum plays an impromptu set at Occupy Wall Street Protests

Jeff Mangum, lead singer and song writer for lo-fi indie gods Neutral Milk Hotel made an impromptu appearance at NYC’s Occupy Wall Street protests last night.  He played several songs form Neutral Milk Hotel’s discography and a cover.  You can watch a livestream and read more about the event on Pitchfork.  Here is a quick clip of Mangum playing “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.”  The crowd gladly sings along and provides the missing instrumentation.

Also worth noting is the upcoming release of the Neutral Milk Hotel boxed set.  The massive set includes vinyl copies of both NMH albums along with all the EPs, a few singles, and some unreleased tracks.  It’s a bit pricey at $88 plus shipping, but considering the amount of material you get, I think it’s well worth the cost.  If you’re not a vinyl collector, you can also acquire the album via “pay-as-you-wish” mp3 downloads starting November 22.


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